Romney Jabs at Unions, Occupy Wall Street [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney continued the offensive at a Town Hall event at the Milford VFW Monday.

Mitt Romney pulled no punches when it came to President Obama and had some shots for union support in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Speaking at a Town Hall meeting at the Milford VFW Post today, Romney scorned those involved in these protests against big business.

“Attacking industries in America would be a mistake,” said Romney. “Wall street is connected to main street. Finding a scapegoat, finding someone to blame, isn’t the right way to go."

The Republican presidential candidate said that many people in government and business were not bad people, but made “extraordinary errors,” such as giving loans to people who could not pay them back. He added that many of our problems were caused by excesses on the part of the people, Wall Street and the government.

Romney aired his suspicions of union involvement in the protests, accusing the leaders of these unions of sending money into the pockets of Democratic leaders.

He said that it is wrong for these union heads to collect dues from their members and then use that money to fund their candidates, adding that he would propose legislation that would prevent it from happening.

“I am a friend of the workers,” said Romney. “I am not running for the rich people, rich people can take of themselves. I want to help people who have been hurt in the Obama economy.”

President Obama's handling of the economy was a central theme at the Town Hall, with Romney calling out the president's lack of experience and inability to turn the economy around.

"He has really failed on almost every dimension," he said. "The president said if you let me borrow almost a trillion dollars, I'll hold employment below 8 percent, it hasn't been 8 percent since."

When asked about foreign policy, Romney said that the key is a strong national military that would discourage other countries, such as China and Iran, from going against the United States.

“If we were to stand back and say let's see what happens, I believe bad things would happen,” he said.

Answering a question on illegal immigration, he emphasized the need to remove incentives for these people, such as tuition breaks and benefits funded by taxpayers, and crack down on those hiring them.

On environmental issues, Romney said that the president follows an “extreme environmental agenda” and that Republicans are “green,” but “not nutty.”

“We have gas in abundance,” he said. “We have a hundred years of natural gas, lets get it out.”

The common question of healthcare was asked and Romney defended the healthcare reform that came to Massachussetts under his leadership as governor. He said that he was proud of what he did in that state, but would not impose a “one-size-fits-all” national plan.

He again promised the voters that he would work to refund states for “Obamacare” and eventually repeal the bill.

We will have video of Romney's harsh words for President Obama coming shortly.

Cat Stevens October 10, 2011 at 11:43 PM
Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. The "key" to foreign policy is a strong military. Are we deficient in that respect...do we need to bulk up? I hear...you will spend even more on defense. And you believe the economic recession was caused by people buying cars in addition to taking out mortgages as opposed to trading default swaps and hiding debt from investors at a number of publicly traded firms? I hear...I love the 1%. And...labor unions donating to Dems is evil and they are the real kindling down at #Occupy. NH Repubs...Mitt can beat a dead horse but he couldn't win an election if this is the nonsense coming out of his mouth. http://t.co/K6ud796U


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