POLL: Repeal Same-Sex Marriage in NH?

New Hampshire conservatives are introducing legislation that would repeal gay marriage in our state.

The state's law allowing gay marriage would be repealed under a bill that a House committee endorsed Tuesday, according to the Union Leader.

Supporters of the bill said that the bill restores marriage in its traditional form, which they say is a popular idea amongst voters.

Democrats have opposed the bill, saying it is an insult to the gay population and would make "a mess of inheritance and probate laws."

Governor Lynch has promised to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. The bill will be put under consideration in January 2012.

What do you think? Let us know in our poll and in the comments below.

Marriage Protector October 31, 2011 at 04:52 PM
You're right, Marriage supporters are not against progress. Anti-marriage supporters like you however are &you are on the wrong side of history. Nobody has a desire to "weaken the core institution of society". There is no such thing. Nobody is denying a child a father or a mother in the home. You have NO say in how other people form their families neither does the government. The government is BY LAW obligated to protect &respect ALL families 100% NO CHOICE. There is no such thing as a "healthy marriage culture". Those who support Marriage Equality are the ONLY Marriage supporters &the ONLY supporters of true progress. Nobody is taking the knowledge &wisdom of all of human history &throwing them out the window. It is are all still there. We are a part of human history so your memes are nothing but moot trash. Your "drug & free blah blah blah" is nothing but speculative selfish biased "I'm 'morally' superior to everyone" bullshite, like you. Yes Marriage supporters are on the right side of history but you however are NOT a marriage supporter.You don't support society, you hinder it when you think you have the fascist right to control ANY aspect of OUR lives. Like I said BACK THE F OFF or you will be forced to BACK OFF. Any organization, bill or law that limits, encroaches, or imposes on MY life is a threat to my life, my friends lives, the lives of my family & community & will be dealt with accordingly. MY life, MY marriage. MY family. MY rights. NOT YOURS!!!! Deal with it!
Nancy Beegle October 31, 2011 at 11:14 PM
WOW! Just got an update on this debate - it's amazing that a "marriage supporter, protector, defender", whichever one you are - can make public threats by claiming that a vote against changing marriage and making it something it's not is a threat to you and your "family". The fact that you want to set up housekeeping with someone of the same sex is your prerogative - that's true, and not one person here has argued that point - nor have they been using the same threatening and violent speech as you have. All any of us who are Christians and YES -THERE IS A TRADITIONAL FAMILY - A MALE AND FEMALE MOM AND DAD WITH CHILDREN, OR WITHOUT! - who have taken vows to "love, honor and cherish til death them does part" And by the way, the marriage vows TRADITIONALLY HAVE ALWAYS ALSO SAID "DO YOU,......TAKE......TO BE YOUR LAWFUL WEDDED HUSBAND, AND .....LAWFUL WEDDED WIFE" -those vows have TRADITIONALLY, for as long as man and woman have existed, been said between heterosexual couples, not same sex couples! You can threaten all you want - everyone in this country has a right to vote a law in or out - same with voting in or out anyone in public service who is not doing what the VOTE requires them to do, which is what the MAJORITY has voted! I'm sorry that you're having such difficulty in grasping the fact that you just need to find another name to call your "unions", because they are not,nor will they ever be,in our minds, a marriage, no matter what you want, say, scream or threaten!
Marriage Protector October 31, 2011 at 11:57 PM
WOW! Just got an update to this debate. You're a dullard. It is not a threat you unlettered lummox. Its a promise. Nobody is "setting up housekeeping".It's called living our lives. You are not "Christians", you are a version of "Christian" &you don't represent all.NO there is no such thing as "traditional family" you fascist harridan.You don't define family for me or anybody but your own insignificant self. Learn how to respect other people's families you wrapped up "I'm superior to everybody who isn't like me" reich-y. We take the same vows so your pulp prattle is moot. Again you don't define vows for anybody but your insignificant self. I don't care what your "traditions" are, nor do I have to, BY LAW, adhere to them.NOBODY has the right to vote on my life.PERIOD.I'm sorry you have such difficulty in grasping the fact you fascist benighted troglodyte. We will call our unions whatever we want because that is our freedom of speech &the government will respect it, recognize it, &protect it 100% willingly with NO CHOICE or it will be forced to &you will learn to deal with it whether you like it or not. It IS marriage &it always will be. What your delusional selfish mind thinks, wants, believes in reference to MY life is irrelevant &nothing but detritus like you no matter what you want, say, scream, blah blah blah! You actually believe that whatever goes on in your paltry mind is of any importance to me or any LGBT person or Straight Ally. LOL. GFOYS you arrogant pap. G.U. oIo
Tiffany Marie November 02, 2011 at 05:47 PM
You guys have still failed to show any link to marriage equality and "denying a child a father or mother in their home" If you are referring to same sex adoption and same sex parenting, it's going to exist either way.. the truly moral thing would be wanting those kids to have the same protections that other kids have, something they don't have currently. I'm also still awaiting any evidence whatsoever that this would weaken the institution of marriage, Countries and states that have allowed same sex couple to marry have done just fine and marriage is no weaker than what it was before. Marriage supporters.. meaning true marriage supporters, not exclusionary heterosexual supremacists are the ones who promote progress. SSM opponents, please stop trying trying to defend the indefensible and come up with better material while your at it, people are seeing right through your rhetoric at an increasingly high number.
Nancy Beegle November 02, 2011 at 08:56 PM
SO, who comes here acting like a "dullard", or "unlettered", who comes on here saying that those who don't agree with your lifestyle, or whatever you think best to call what you do? The facts are that when something comes up for a vote, the MAJORITY of the vote determines what is going to be done about your desire to have the government sanction your romances. In addition to that fact is the fact that for millennia, there obviously have been BILLIONS MORE heterosexually married people, who have called their particular, PECULIAR UNION -MARRIAGE. It was named and ordained to be a MARRIAGE by the ONE who created mankind in HIS image, and that being the case,it really doesn't matter what YOUR INSIGNFICANT SELF WANTS. Why is it that we Christians (who are told in the BIBLE to hate what GOD HATES, are being exclusionary, bigotted, and hateful for adhering to the precepts set before us by a loving, all knowing and ALL POWERFUL GOD, yet you are not exclusionary for condemning us for what we believe and do? You're no better than the people you think we are in your minds -actually, you're worse, because at least a Christian can back their beliefs with something besides the fact that they want it to be so. What evidence do you bring to this conversation that says SSM is not harmful? The number of broken families? The number of confused kids and young adults who don't know what's right, seeing so many different lifestyles? I think not. Saying it, it don't make it so, does it?
Marriage Protector November 02, 2011 at 09:57 PM
What you call a "lifestyle" is NOT a "lifestyle" so your unlettered "agreement" is irrelevant. The "majority" has no vote on my life.The gov. has no choice but to sanction our romances because we pay them too.The marriage clerks, bureaus, &licenses are paid for out of my pocket. 3 opts 1)Give it to me willingly 2)Give me my money back 3)Or I will take it.You have no proof of anything/anybody "creating" mankind but that is irrelevant because according to CONSTITUTIONAL LAW &my 1st amendment right I do NOT have to bow down to whatever fantasy world manmade "creator" you do.What I want in reference to MY life DOES matter. What you want in reference to MY life does NOT matter.Your version of "Christian" is being blah blah because you are fundamentally incapable of MINDING YOUR OWN F-ING BUSINESS &staying the F out of any &all aspects of other peoples lives therefore you need to be put in your place.Adhere to whatever you want, but the gov. cannot &WILL NOT demand or force me or any of us to adhere to what you want or believe in reference to OUR LIVES.You can't back up shite w/your selfish fairytale based memes. The rest of your unsubstantiated biased &benighted diatribe is nothing but worthless dross like you, Fascist termagant. No broken families.No confused kids/young adults.They know exactly what is right.You don't have a say in the matter. They are not your children or families.You provide NOTHING for them,you busy-body nosey grubbing bitch.What you say, doesn't make it so.
Truth Betold November 07, 2011 at 10:06 PM
There is no better seducer then men. The inward sense of guilt perversion induces in homosexuals is ameliorated through the seduction of beguilable heterosexuals. This then allows a false sense of acceptance of their lifestye masking their sense of guilt. One may ask what is wrong with loving another. As is the method of homosexual "sex", which is to say backward so to is the joining of same sex couples as compared to opposite sex couples, they do it up front. Homosexuals do it backwards. I mean, come -on the colon collects waste, bacteria, you know stinky, smelly stuff. So what is homesexuallity? It is the preversion of childern by adults who pass it through the generations. It is an entity that lives in the mind of those infected. Much like the body snatchers, homosexuals have been infected with the spirits of perversion. My advice is to treat them with common courtesy, don't be friends because you are then enabling perversion. They are really seeking correction not acceptance.
Marriage Protector November 08, 2011 at 05:28 AM
Conjectures, incorrect use words & some that don't exist.I don't feel any guilt,fact. I live 100% honestly to myself, friends,family, etc. You have no way of knowing otherwise. Since ONLY I lived my life,what I say about myself &how I feel is fact .PERIOD. All the rest of your uncouth diatribe has nothing to do w/marriage so it is all irrelevant, will be ignored & has by every court.I have not been infected by anything. The adults in my life taught me real moral values of do not lie, cheat, steal, or harm others (unless you are defending yourself or protecting another), respect my elders, absorb everything from history,math, philosophy &science to sports,adventure, travel,nature &all forms of art &always do for those less fortunate then myself. Awe,you don't want to be our friends unless we live every aspect of our lives how you selfishly want. How ever will I go on w/my life? LOL.I am not seeking "correction", fact.Your meaningless "acceptance" is of less value then a penny flattened by a train.Your "acceptance" can't buy me food, shelter, clothes, healthcare/insurance so it means nothing .Truth be told, take your common "courtesy"& shove it.
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 07:35 AM
Nope.No misuse of any word. You don't "practice" homosexuality.It is not a sport or a piano lesson.Nobody is jealous &the only people who are insecure are anti-gay bigots who are so selfish &arrogant that they can't share a frikin' word that NOBODY owns. Nothing evil or "unnatural". NOTHING to be ashamed about, nothing wrong &nobody is pretending anything.The government decides who is legally CIVIL married &if the gov. says LGBT couples are legally CIVIL married then they are legally &actually married. Your elitist churches can keep its religious marriages but they will never be legally recognized unless you have the paperwork. I could list all of things you should reconsider but you are not worth it. An imaginary manmade"God" didn't, doesn't, &will never provide anything but your own personal comfort. The gov. provides marriage licenses as well as all of the rights, benefits, &privileged that come along w/it, NOT "God". You can use whatever phrase you want to use to describe your insignificant, to everybody on Earth other then your own family, friends, &community, relationship &I will use whatever phrase I want to use &you will just learn to deal w/it.The government however has no choice. The government will call,recognize,respect, protect,&accept our marriages as marriages or our hard earned money that is stolen from us in the form of tax dollars in return for Constitutional protection can easily be taken back in more ways then you couldn't even fathom. FW.
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 07:47 PM
You do not "practice" homosexuality because it isn't a sport or a piano.I CAN say I was born that way because ONLY I lived MY life &ONLY I can know whether I made &choice or not.I NEVER made a choice. Marriage is defined as a union btw. 2non-related human beings.The only diff. btw. race &orientation is that 1is a visual characteristic the latter is not. No I may not, &will not marry a heterosexual. I am not a hetero.Heterosexual men marry heterosexual women.Gay men marry gay men; promising to love, honor, &protect each other for sickness &in health,for good times &in bad,forsaking all others until death do they part.Some will adhere to those vows.Some will not. All well, that's life. Same goes for Lesbians.We are responsible for OUR lives. You,however,have no say in OUR lives &neither does the gov. "Unhappy" is a subjective generalization of people you don't even know.I don't need to pick another word.I will use marriage &you will just deal w/it, NOBODY owns a word.As for "elevating the reputation of blah".My behavior is perfectly reputable &accepted amongst me friends,family, &community.My behavior being hard working,law abiding,tax paying human being &American citizen that respects his elders,holds doors open for women,does countless charity,keeps his personal life to himself except in social settings,&does not lie,cheat,or steel.The orientations, not "behaviors", of L,GorB are legally protected in America so "reputation" at this juncture is a moot point.
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 10:16 PM
I don't need to &I don't care if there is/isn't.I know what's in my heart &soul &that is all I need.My life hasn't led me to "practice" any "behavior" because it is neither of those.My life has lead me to be a decent,caring, &respectable human being.I am not lying.I am free to make choices such as what clothes I wear,which man I choose to spend the rest of my life with,where I live, &who/what I worship but me being gay is not a "choice" &I really don't care if you agree. You mean absolutely nothing to me.I'm not making you "normalize" anything. It's already normal &natural &the gov. has already said so.Dogs do not have human rights because they are not human so your straw man is irrelevant. "Reproduction" is not a legal requirement for CIVIL marriage, so moot.I don't preach for anything.I am just living MY life &you are the one that has a selfish irrational issue w/it. I don't have to pick another word to mean what I intend. I intend to marry &it is none of your business.I will use the word marriage &you will deal w/it.Get OVER IT.I have no guilt &check yourself w/your hurled insults before you say a thing about what I used against you,which you deserved. I don't need to reconsider anything because I never considered it to begin with,so moot.I already pointed out my behavior choices,&my family,friends,&community find them perfectly respectable.You don't.All well. GaySeraSera.You can make up whatever "word" you want.I'll stick w/marriage &you'll just have to deal w/it.
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 10:32 PM
I really don't care what is in the heart of selfish elitist fascist bigots. They can drink the cool-aid for all I care. Go ahead, pity & loathe all you want secretly. It means nothing to me. I assure you I will lose no sleep over it. Your behavior towards other human beings speaks volumes. So sad. I would hope that you change but you're not worth me wasting my hope on you. There are more deserving people. LOL, I am not writhing around in "inflicted" pain. Well unless some homophobic neanderthal, enabled by dross like you, decides he is going to beat me to death because I'm gay. I'll be fine, go on 'bout your business. I pay taxes so nobody is picking up any tab, too bad for you peaches. Children need food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, insurance, &at least 1parent who will love &care for them unconditionally & my children will have plenty of it. Worry about your own spawns &MYOB. The rest of your offensive hate speech is being reported.
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 11:21 PM
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 11:21 PM
Marriage Protector November 25, 2011 at 11:28 PM
& if you don't stop I will have your IP address traced by my cousin at the FBI & press charges against you for defamation, slander, & libel. Everything I said was in reaction you. 100% defense. Everything you said was offensive & it is hate speech. You used the words "loathe" & dehumanizing hate epithets like "not normal" & "unnatural" in reference to me & other human beings, not me. GFYS. OTIO
Dugan November 26, 2011 at 01:03 AM
Dennis T, Thank you for your keen insights and truthful analysis. All of it support by good science, as oppose the propaganda of the Gay marriage crowd. Marriage Defender clearly is a loon. But his disgraceful wailing at the truth and then threatening you with legal action, or calling in the feds, exposes the hate the Gay community really has for the natural order and for Truth. This is another reason that Hate Crime legislation is an evil in themselves. They are a law usually made up for the benefit of the rich and powerful, Like the Gay community is, to suppress others. This wail and attack by Defend Marriage, is the perfect example of why no group should get special or protected status over another in this country. Defend Marriage all you have done in your diatribes is shown your hate. You have been abusive and foul and have shown you are the bigot here. Time for you to go home to your mommy. Let us real men alone, that's all we've ever asked of the gay community anyway. You trying to marry without the opposite sex is a major intrusion on the community as a whole. You have forced us to bring out the Truth about your disorder, the long term implications of such disordered conduct on you and on society.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 01:07 AM
&I say &call you what I want was w/in my 1st.Posting offensive attacks is against the policy you signed when creating an account.Oh that's right,you anti-gay dross are allowed to do &say w/e you want about &to LGBT people because you are so high &mighty in your inhuman superiority complexes.But when we return the gesture we are somehow "insulting" you.SELFISH ARROGANT HYPOCRITE FACIST BIGOT!No "practitioners' here.I am NOT violating a "norm" &the government agrees.Nobody is "defecating" in public.It is you elitists that are causing harm when your dehumanizing hate enables people to throw their gay kids out on the street,burn down the houses of LGBT's, attaching nooses &burned rainbow flags to community centers as threats,attacking a gay couple while they walk through a public park holding hands, fake "Christian" pastors telling LGBT's they deserve to die,&kids yelling that a gay kid is "better off dead".Your comments were offensive &uncalled for but you play the "victim" because I returned the gesture.I have the constitutional right to live AS I AM. Don't like it? TOO BAD! You have no say in the matter. DEAL W/IT. You are demanding that the gov. violate my freedom &privacy forcing me to live specific aspects of MY life how you demand according to your beliefs.You don't have that right. That is NOT freedom. That is FASCISM. That is you promoting HUGE government imposed on me as long as you are comfortable, FASCIST. You may not have stated violence but you perpetuate it.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 01:28 AM
Nope, no propaganda. That would be your Fascist ilk. You're the loon."Natural order & for truth": ROFL. Read the PEW reports simpleton, One organization within the religious-reich spent $138,000,000 dollars to attack LGBT human beings in 2010 triple what the HRC has spent. SO FAIL. No diatribe & no hate from me. Self defense is justified. You don't agree. All well, GaySeraSera. You are the bigot. Go home to your paltry termagant, leave us alone. You demanded plenty in refrencece to OUR lives. Well not anymore. I will not live MY life to make you or any anti-gay pap happy. You will learn to deal with it & if you don't, too bad. You have no say in the matter. Me marrying the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with whether you like or not, in no way what-so-ever intrudes on you & your pathetic insignificant to everybody other then your family, friends, &community, relationship. You are the one that has forced us to bring out the truth about your disorder, the long term implications of such disordered conduct towards human beings on you &on society. The constitution applies to LGBT tax paying American citizens &the gov. agrees. Too late, Too bad for you. GET OVER IT. Try to end that & I promise you that one of my lower numbered amendment rights will be put to good use.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 01:43 AM
Too late, the meaning of marriage has already been extended. Deal with it. Nobody is corrupting anything. Your use of the word "sins" is irrelevant because it refers to your religious belief. Your religion is not my religion &there is NO American government law that states or demands I or anybody adhere to your religion, its beliefs, or definitions. That is the law. No "practitioners". It is not a sport, instrument, dance routine, or doctors training you practice. Truth in labeling is marriage. If I wanted to join a "union" I would join the workers union of my profession. View anything you want. The government has no choice. A "status" they have not earned, LOL. You don't have to earn a marriage status, you just go down to the office, fill out the paper work, bing, boom, done deal. The ceremony is optional. There is no "homosexual union" because it is not a career or a job. Nobody is cover a "disgusting" "behavior" & only religious marriage is a "God" given sacrament. CIVIL marriage along with all of the rights & benefits is a Government given legality. If I wanted a religious marriage I could do that at any of the LGBT affirming houses of worship that recognize the marriage (& that is their first amendment right) but it will mean nothing legally unless you have the license. Same goes for heterosexuals. That is how marriage works in this country. GET OVER IT.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 02:09 AM
Figure it out. As for the "right to assemble". As a law abiding, hard working tax paying gay American citizen, I have the right to assemble my friends, family, &community for a wedding w/my husband of choice celebrating our marriage to each other.If you don't want to come, all well,nobody invited you anyway.As a law abiding,hard working tax paying gay American citizen I have the freedom to practice the religion of my choice,which is none of your business, &to ignore all others freely w/o your interference regardless of your likes,dislikes, &whatever you don't agree with. As a law abiding, hard working,tax paying gay American citizen I have the freedom of speech &expression as I see fit, not how you deem suitable. If I want to use the word "marriage", which NOBODY owns, to describe MY relationship then I will & you will deal with it. I have the right to walk down the street or through a PUBLIC (as in paid for via my tax dollars, not just yours) park holding hands w/my boyfriend/husband (whichever he is at the time) w/o being afraid that some homophobic neanderthal is going to try to kill us because of his religious belief or any other propagated belief perpetuated &enabled by the dehumanizing hate speech you posted. The government has also already come to the conclusion that LGBT tax paying American citizens are entitled to 14th amendment rights as LGBT people, not as heterosexual. All well. Too late. GaySeraSera. That is how that wedding cake crumbles. MMMMMMMMMMM.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 02:27 AM
No I don't abuse anything. Ok moving on. No "practitioners" here, it is not a play, speech lesson, or workout regiment. As for your "this is not Biblical", that is subjective &irrelevant. They are, under the first amendment, allowed to interpret religion however they wish to practice their religion. You are not required to agree with it, but the government has no choice. Me being gay in my faith, which is none of your business, in not a "sin". You don't need to agree with that because it is not your religion. What you agree with is of no material to me. You live your life according to your religion &I will live MY life according to mine & that will be end of it.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 03:01 AM
What you agree with in ref.to MY life is of no material.I can marry, in several states, 10 countries, & 4Native American Tribes."Fornication" is subjective &irrelevant. I am loved by MY higher power &she/he/it says I can't change my way nor would she/he/it demand I do.The "Bible" is NOT law in America,&BY LAW the gov. cannot force me to or demand that I or any American citizen adhere to it.My faith is my business &nobody else's. I am leaving it at that.I have done research.My orientation has nothing to do w/my "behavior",anyway both are respected by my friends,family,community, &my higher power &that is it. PERIOD. The gov. has come to the conclusion that LGBT people are entitled to 1st&14th amendment rights as LGBT people so, that is moot at this point.I don't really care what you want to share, you don't have a say in the matter.You only have a say in your life, NOT mine.In the eyes of your elitist "God" they may not be equal, but in the eyes of CIVIL law they are. GET OVER IT! A lifetime of marriage w/the man I chose to spend rest of my life with, will lead me to an eternity w/my higher power. I don't care what you wish for.Your wishes aren't going to put food on my table,clothes on my back,a house over my head,pay for insurance &healthcare, as well as the over 1400 rights &benefits that come w/CIVIL marriage that would help my future family pay for those necessities of life the same way it does for straight couples. Keep you religious marriage. It means nothing to me.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 03:53 AM
ROFLMGAO. Nope. So much hyperbole. LOL. Oh sweetie, GOYS. You are not worth a second of my life to "stalk" or "threat". I have a growing business to launch & much more important things to do, people to see, charities to take care of, places to go, a life to live, etc. etc. I've already spoken to my cousin at the FBI & my lawyer. So, TTFE.
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 07:26 PM
Reported. I pay taxes also so the rest of your trash is irrelevant. Nobody is "polluting"marriage. Costs to state is a moot point since my hard earned money is taken out of MY paycheck to fund the costs of the "state". That money belongs to me. Don't like it, too bad. GET OVER IT!
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 07:42 PM
Reported. Not a "lifestyle". My "lifestyle" consists of art, fashion, academics, adventure sports & preppy. As for that "subsidize" meme. Taxes are taken out of my paycheck, so again, that is a moot point. If I have to pay taxes to "subsidize" any uninsured heterosexuals as well as LGBT people then so do you. DEAL WITH IT! Or you can stop paying taxes or write a little letter to the IRS demanding that "I don't want my tax dollars used for blah blah blah". Good luck with that. Now GA.BG!
DennisT November 26, 2011 at 09:31 PM
I wish you a long life in which to reconsider your choice. I also hereby admonish all readers to refrain from illegal actions against homosexual practitioners, especially but not limited to violence. All such persons should enjoy basic rights due to their shared humanity and status as citizens in this country. Such rights, however, need not include the right to the legitimacy conveyed by the the word "marriage."
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 09:33 PM
Reported. No actually I'm not. I don't expect you to pay for anything. The government expects you to pay taxes. PERIOD. I pay taxes & I have been paying taxes for 10+ years. You are not paying for my care. I have insurance & if need be my tax dollars will pay for any additional care I need. Nobody is externalizing costs of "lifestyle choices". It free to be bohemian, goth, preppy, jock, techno, hipster, etc. No I am not like an alcoholic or a drug addict. I only go to the hospital when I am not feeling well or I am injured i.e. I have the flu, a broken leg, etc. I pay me medical bills. Not once out of medical debt here. I do have a dentist bill to pay off. That will be paid off after a complete my next commission. So, MAUDE!!!!
Marriage Protector November 26, 2011 at 10:34 PM
I will have a life as long as my higher power means for me to live. When it is my time to spiritually leave this planet then it is meant to be. I am not afraid of what happens next. I welcome it because that is a part of life. There is no such thing as homosexual "practitioners. It is not a fencing lesson, or a tennis lesson, or a form of art like Abstract Expressionism or Bauhaus. LGBT human beings have already been legitimized by the government & the government has come to the conclusion that we are entitled to ALL of the protections, rights, & benefits of the Constitution & ALL CIVIL laws as LGBT people, not as heterosexuals. Too late. GET OVER IT. The word "marriage" belongs to NOBODY & legitimizes nothing. All well, GaySeraSera. CIVIL marriage, & all of the rights & benefits that come with it, is issued by the government NOT the church. Keep your churches religious marriage. I don't want it. I don't need it. I don't care about it. It means absolutely nothing in the eyes of CIVIL law. Ok, so, moving on, TTFE.
Tiffany Marie November 28, 2011 at 02:40 AM
"Such rights, however, need not include the right to the legitimacy conveyed by the the word "marriage." why is this because you say so? Give me a break... marriage equality is a foregone conclusion and when it arrives the world won't magically end. Opponents need to first and foremost get over themselves and stop trying to dictate the rights of others and what they can and cannot do with their own lives.
Tiffany Marie November 28, 2011 at 02:44 AM
Wow there was some definite hate speech material on the part of a certain poster from seeing the responses in my inbox, glad all his nonsense got deleted.


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