Summer is Here! Hunt Down Those 'Good Times'

A short message to everybody getting ready for the summer season.

Break out the sandals and suntan lotion because today is the first official day of summer!

Most people that know me know I am a lover and prophet of “good times.” There is no better time to be seeking them out than during a sunny summer season.

I subscribe to the belief that all seasons have a theme. Spring is a time of renewal, autumn is a time of reflection and winter is a time to dream. Our dear friend summer is a time to let loose and track down the joys in life.

Summer is a time to take chances and discover new journeys in this world. The weather is nice and everybody else is looking to get out while they can. Take advantage of this and find a new adventure.

Personally, I want to use the season as an excuse to discover new hobbies. I have my set of geeky interests, such as board games and comics, but want to unearth other passions that may be lying deep within. Maybe I’ll discover that I am a master cobbler or a top-notch sushi chef.

It will also be a great chance to find more hidden treasures in the communities I cover for Patch. I KNOW there are thousands more captivating stories that have yet to be told, and I aim to track them down. Summer is a time to get both the physical body and the soul out in the open.

Maybe I’ll hit the gym and get in shape (and maybe Hot Pockets will rain from the sky.)

I hope you all have some AMAZING plans for the summer that expand horizons and create cherished lifetime memories. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others take advantage of good times, and trust me there are many to be had.

What are your “good time” plans for the summer? Share them in the comments below :-D


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