"No Appointment Necessary"

Unanimously recommend a no vote
Unanimously recommend a no vote
So I tried to get a hold of the town administrator yesterday to talk about this darn Mack Hill Rd bridge problem. When i called the town hall the message said he is now only availble by "appointment only".  How convenient for him. That tells me he's out goofing off instead of earning his high salary.  I hope come October when this new board has to consider reappointing him they all vote "No Appointment Necessary"
Liz Overholt August 06, 2013 at 10:31 AM
Dear Upset Resident, The town hall offices have all been moved so that the roof repairs can safely be done. The Town Clerk, Assessing, Tax Collector and Office of Community Development have been relocated to the firehouse. The town administrator and assistant, and finance director and assistant have been relocated to one of the portable classrooms at the Amherst Middle School. As part of the agreement to use the portables, the Amherst School Board, for security reasons, will not allow visitors without clearance – thus the need for an appointment to see anyone located in the portable. Liz Overholt
Anthony Nino August 07, 2013 at 09:35 PM
Security reasons? Who are you kidding. Amherst is not a haven of crime, and no one is in danger of anything happening. The public has the right to full access to all public officials at all times. Cut the hogwash.
Brian Hayek August 08, 2013 at 04:39 AM
Joseph, there is a culture of everyone in government pretending they are secret agents and portray themselves as more important than they actually are, while hypocritically forcing you and I to pay for their show. You're right, logically it's an absurd explanation that has no basis on reality. At all. That's okay though because as long as they think their important and exempt from the law the worst criminals in society will simply be the government. Did you see Concord buying an Armored (literally): "counter attack, anti-WMD bearcat" based on "the Free State Project" and "Occupy movements". They actually said that, and their publically boasting. Time to realize the culture here has simply shifted to East Germany or the Roman Empire; a culture of imaginary threats that is leading towards it's own destruction. It's time to grow up people.
M Foley August 08, 2013 at 08:37 AM
Some of you are being a little ridiculous. This has nothing to do with Town Government and everything to do with the Amherst School Board trying to create some level of security for our kids. There are classes and camps going on at the schools, the School Board feels (and rightly so) that you cannot invite the general public onto school property unannounced while kids are present. This is no different than how the schools operate during the school year. How can you possibly have a problem with this?
Brian Hayek August 13, 2013 at 04:48 AM
So, reasonably, to school shootings occur because someone "forgot to sign their guests in"; or is it more likely that a mass murdering psychopath comes without respect to bureaucratic nonsense? I've never heard of this protocol doing anything because it doesn't do anything besides train our children to get acclimated with a prison. The only difference is this protocol serves no security purpose. I'm only talking in the last ten years since these over the top policies have been adopted. Cameras in the middle school locker rooms? Oh sure, that's going to stop a mass murderer, and while we're at it let's allow their privacy to be violated until they are so acclimated to the concept that it becomes foreign to them. Maybe the YMCA should have had a better sign in sheet, or maybe a "no gun zone" sign outside the lawn, right?


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