Independence Day Parade

We need more floats in the Independence Day parade. Let’s enjoy the freedoms that our Constitutions protect and let our voices be heard. I don’t care what your opinion is, but I would love to see you paint it on a sign and parade it through town. You see, under Colonial Rule, you could be shot for speaking against the king, as it was treason. But as the United States, we have the right to free speech and can therefore express ourselves in public without fear of reprisals. I say, let’s invite all the political parties that are here in N.H. to enter a float in our parade as well as anyone who has a vehicle they don’t mind getting some scotch tape on. As the melting pot of the world, we are unique in that we can be directly opposed to each other, yet live peacefully and flourish on the same street. And we can come together with different opinions and govern in a civil fashion, unlike many countries where they burn federal buildings and kill government officials every time the people get upset with them. So let’s celebrate our liberty together, and let your voice be heard in next year’s parade.


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