Labelle Winery' Unveils Sophisticated New Bottling Line

See it for yourself at their location on Route 101.

Labelle Winery has taken the next step in getting their bottles of wine to your table faster.

The winery has installed their newest bottling line, which can be viewed at their new location on Route 101.

Here is what Labelle Winery had to say about their newest addition:

If you have visited us here at LaBelle Winery, you’ve likely seen our massive tanks in the Gallery, and you’ve probably picked up a bottle of LaBelle Winery wine in the Tasting Room & Café. Ever wonder what it takes to get our wine from the tank to the bottle? With the installation of our sophisticated new bottling line, the process of bottling is now easier (and more fun) to observe and understand.  Click through the gallery of photos below, and the captions will describe what you are seeing at each step of the bottling process.  In these photos, we are bottling our latest batch of Riesling!

Find more photos of the new bottling line on their website.


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