Amherst: America's 6th Least Crowded Town

CNN Money ranked it as one of the 20 least crowded towns in the country.

As part of its "Best Places to Live" feature, CNN Money recently released a list of the 20 least crowded towns in America. Featured at No. 6 was none other than Amherst!

Nantucket, MA (No. 3), Colchester, CT (No. 8), Hooksett, NH (No. 10), Auburn, ME (No. 12), Scarborough, ME (No. 14), Ipswich, MA (No. 17) and Portland, CT (No. 18) were the other New England towns to crack the Top 20.

The story points out that with a population of 11,284, there are only 330 people per square mile in Amherst.

"The beauty of this southern New Hampshire town starts with its winding roads and leafy neighborhoods, where spacious colonial-era homes don expansive backyards," the story says of Amherst. "But it doesn't end there.

"You'll find blue jays and bright hues of orchids at the wildlife sanctuary and summer swim lessons in full swing at Baboosic Lake. The historic town green is a popular gathering spot for free concerts, farmers markets, and holiday celebrations."

In case you're curious, the least crowded town in the country, according to CNN, is Boulder City, NV. With a population of 15,564, that's just 75 people per square mile.
Noley August 20, 2013 at 09:01 AM
This doesn't even begin to make sense. In northern New England alone there are plenty of towns with fewer people and more land area. Take Rangeley, Maine: 1,175 people, 55.2 square miles, density is 28.2.
madeleine August 20, 2013 at 05:08 PM
If you go to the source material it is "best places to live: least crowded towns. Evidently Rangeley is not on the best places to live list
Carolyn Dube August 20, 2013 at 05:16 PM
According to the fine print, if you will, at the bottom of the blurb on the Money Magazine site: "Only places experiencing population growth and where median family income was above the state average were considered."
Noley August 24, 2013 at 07:57 AM
Then it's a totally bogus measurement based on really arbitrary criteria. A place is better because is is growing and has an above average income? Growth can make places less attractive, especially when it can results in things like Rte 101A which looks like every other major shopping strip in America. That stuff is convenient, but far from essential to making a town a nice place to live. How about some local comparisons: Peterborough: 160 people per sq. mile Greenfield: 66 people per sq. mile Francestown: 51 people per sq. mile Hollis: 240 people per sq. mile Amherst is nice but over-rated in most ways.


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