Open Road Tolling Opens at Hooksett Tolls

Calling it “a shining example of how innovative investments in New Hampshire’s infrastructure can improve our lives and economy,” Governor Maggie Hassan today cut the ribbon for the new Open Road Tolling (ORT) lanes on I-93 (Everett Turnpike) in Hooksett.  

The new highway speed lanes for E-ZPass customers opened today at 4:30 pm.

“Everything pulled together better than expected and we were ready to go,” said NHDOT Turnpikes Administrator Chris Waszczuk.  “We wanted to get this new transportation improvement open as soon as possible for Memorial Day Weekend and New Hampshire residents and visitors.”

The benefits of implementing ORT at the Hooksett Tolls include:

  • Improved customer convenience
  • Reduced travel time – 270,000 hours annually
  • No lines or stopping to pay tolls
  • Reduced fuel consumption – 465,000 gallons annually
  • Improved air quality – less vehicle idling and delays
  • Safer – no lane changing or slowing down
  • 30% discount for E-ZPass “passenger type” vehicles

The $23 million project converted six conventional toll lanes to four ORT lanes (two northbound and two southbound).  Those lanes are separated by concrete barrier from conventional toll lanes on each side of the Hooksett Plaza.  The Hooksett Tolls process over 25 million vehicles a year, and up to 80,000 vehicles a day during summer months. 

For more information on E-ZPass, visit ezpassnh.com

Larry Weil May 23, 2013 at 07:09 PM
You'd think this was something new from the article, New Jersey and Chicago have had this for at least ten years.
Carol Robidoux May 23, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Larry, as someone who travels south of NH quite a bit and knows the joy of zipping through EZPass without slowing down, this is big news. I can't tell you how I hate to slow down to between 5-15 mph through the tolls.
Hilltopper May 23, 2013 at 07:45 PM
Mr. Weil, The same for Florida--our relatives down there can get thier device at almost all supermarkets, Mom & Pop stores and most chain gas stations. They can "reload" their device going on line or seeting up payments from thier accounts and I think its like a 10 or 15 cents discount over the cost of the toll if you stop and pay cash. All of Florida's State Toll roads are included Can't describe the "rush" one experiences if one is stopped in the cash pay lane that is adjacent to a "Pass" lane. An 18 wheeler going by you at 80 mph is like seeing the Space Shuttle go by


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