Auto Dealer Bill Of Rights Easily Passes NH Senate

New Hampshire Senators stood up for local control and protecting jobs in one of the state’s biggest industries with today’s bi-partisan vote in favor of the Dealer Bill of Rights.  By a vote of 21-2, Senators embraced the need to modify the existing law on the books designed to ensure a balanced relationship between New Hampshire small business owners and national auto makers.

“We want to thank the Senate for listening to their local constituents,” says Pete McNamara, President of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association. “This proposal will stop the unfair pressure and spending mandates passed down to us from manufacturers, and will require basic fairness in the relationship.”

SB 126, the Dealer Bill of Rights, would offer important protections for the local vehicle industry by requiring out-of-state manufacturers to simply operate on a fair and balanced level playing field with their dealers:

  1. A “buy local” provision, ending mandates by auto makers to use out-of-state contractors and suppliers for work
  2. Transparency in inventory and sales decisions made by auto makers
  3. Market based reimbursement for warranty work done by local dealers
  4. Incorporates equipment manufacturers and farm equipment dealers into the bill of rights law that already covers car, truck, RV, motorcycle, and snowmobile dealers
  5. Gives local dealers more control over decisions regarding major capital expenses, such as showroom renovations and new construction

All 50 states have a dealer bill of rights law on the books today. 

“This is a ‘local control’ bill, that just provides clearer protections for dealers and our employees. It allows me to make local decisions that are best for my local business.” explains Andy Crews, President and CEO of Autofair.  “We urge House members to support this common sense proposal and stand up for the 14-thousand Granite Staters who work in the New Hampshire vehicle industry.”


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